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"Grasp the subject, the words will follow" - Cato the Elder



Workshops für Fluggesellschaften, Flugschulen & Co
(Einzel- und Gruppentraining) als auch Auszubildende und Quereinsteiger.

  • Termine für 2013 nach Vereinbarung. Bitte setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung. Wir kommen zu Ihnen.
  • Seminar Modelle:
  • ENGLISH for AVIATION (Pilots & ATCs): Einzelcoaching: 12 x 3 UEs (135 Min) - entweder 3 Tage intensives Learning oder 1 x wöchentlich. 36 St.Preis = 900, - €*oder 18 St. Preis = 450, - €*. Ab 2 Teilnehmer - 10% Preisnachlass.
  • ICAO spezifische Redewendungen, Vokabeln,  Sprech-/Hörübungen, etc. Wir  schließen Lücken in luftfahrtspezifischem Wortschatz und Grammatik.
  • Max. 8 Teilnehmer

*alle Preise netto zzgl. gesetzlicher MwSt von derzeit 19%

  • Inhalte:
  1. Standard phraseology and plain language, Ground operations and pre-flight issues(traffic information, boarding, parking position, holding point)/Runway incursion//Action and position verbs/Describing actions/Requesting action/information/ Readback
  2. Navigation(direction finder, maneuvers for identification, noise abatement, curfew)/Confirming and disconfirming/the Past and the Present Tense in use (Simple and Continuous Forms)
  3. Take-off (delays, cancellation & change of clearance, engine power, problems with steering gear)/Flight control systems/Air communications/Expressing purpose/giving instructions/Types of questions and short answers
  4. Airfield facilities/environment/activities (topography, lighting systems, aprons/tarmac/ramps, runways, taxiways, ground vehicles), Airspace
  5. Medicine issues on board(body, symptoms, injuries, first aid, quarantine)/Making suggestion and giving advice/Emergencies/The Present Perfect in use
  6. Fire/Obligation(aircraft interior & exterior, smoke, asphyxia, emergency slides/escape chutes, evacuation), Prohibition and Permission /Electricity/ Explaining problems/Decision making/the Present Continuous and Future
  7. Weather issues(clouds, icing problems, alarms, engine & instrument performance, fuel dumping/jettisoning)/Consequences and concerns/Warnings /Correcting erroneous information/Adjectives
  8. Landing – gear and braking - /Misunderstandings, visibility and  landing incidents(forced/crash landing, missed approach)/ Collisions(airframe, structural damage, debris)Verbs of movement
  9. Fuel and pressure (endurance)/Making suggestions/Expressing time/Damage/Technical and system failures(hydraulic, electrical, etc., transponder problems, noises and symptoms of malfunctions)/Talking about consequences/Comparing and contrasting/Explaining how things work
  10. Security and safety issues/Conflicts/Unusual events/Error management/Passenger behavior(threats, demands, ground services)/Phrasal verbs
  11. etc.
  • ENGLISH for CABIN CREW: Einzelcoaching: 8 x 2 UEs - entweder 2 Tage intensives Learning oder 1 x wöchentlich. 12 St. Preis = 300, - €*. Ab 2 Teilnehmer - 10% Preisnachlass.

*alle Preise netto zzgl. gesetzlicher MwSt von derzeit 19%

  • Inhalte:
  1. Careers & Jobs
  2. Pre-flight tasks
  3. Boarding
  4. Cabin services
  5. Medical issues
  6. Safety & emergency
  7. Descent & landing
  8. Revision & Vocabulary brush-up

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