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"He who plays the piper calls the tune"


               What can be more satisfying than putting a smile on someone’s face?

            In our today’s world, the word smile itself can be the topic of an entire debate…as I mean it here…a smile is supposed to be real, genuine, coming from within because a smile is nothing else than the joy of one’s heart shown on the outside. So have you got an answer already? Not easy at all, but you surely came up with different stuff according to your spiritual level and development, your beliefs and thoughts that are deeply carved in your self.

Totally normal as well in our times due to a tsunami of material and non-material input…

Anyways, I think that the latest on the deathbed, one should get awareness infused in one’s veins from a higher self about what really matters in this world. But getting back to smiling, it sets the heart on tenterhooks as long as the whole body and spirit reach that state of satisfaction and mindfulness. That is where I was aiming. How can we achieve that? As already mentioned, many ways can lead to Rome, but my humble role in all this, at least how I see it, would be to restore that smile on one’s face or make it appear for the first time from deep within.

After 20 years of intensive work as a language coach being close to people of all ages, nations, social levels and religions, I can consider myself as someone very lucky to have done that. Why? Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes can have many faces and make one reflect on angles not taken in account before. Moreover, I could often experience, especially in young people, a feeling of loss covered by a good try in being self-assured and overconfident. Nothing wrong with that, as long as it is the real you though. But that is often not the case. I’ve also seen young people desperately searching for their path into an unknown future that can be so full of bliss nowadays unless one finds his or her way…and, due to my past and path that I can gladly share with you at the right moment, I have become the person I am right now.

This said, I would be more than honored to be able to accompany such youngsters aged between 18 and 25 years who might make their first steps into the world or want to redirect their steps towards something better. I am more than happy to listen to your stories and what really matters to you in order to find your calling and go for it. I would be delighted all the same to listen to your story if you might happen to be a parent who has a child with a “special” talent of if you feel that your child can’t get the same chances as other children due to your socio-financial, etc. status. Don’t forget that anything is possible!

Due to the amount of work I already have, I would be forced to select applications according to the level of “fulfillment” that I consider can be reached in good time. I order to do this, I am glad to see and listen to your videos recorded by your smartphone, etc. in which I would like to hear your story and motivations, if there are any, so that I know approximately where we can start from. Just as a jeweler needs to know if they work with copper or silver, I need to know something on your background. Nevertheless, your video should not be exceeding 5 minutes. That can be a lot of time to fill up, but please feel free to do it as you feel yourself at ease, especially if we might have to work on your shyness as well. You can’t record a video? Maybe a voice recording is easier for you…either way, I think your application should not miss a kind of VITA which is a milder form of a CV. Of course everyone is welcome to contact me, but please understand that I need some days to get back to you. No one is forgotten, that is for sure. I’m going to consider every single application and give you an answer within a week at the max.

Our work together can unfold online, as it is the easiest to meet up upfront. I welcome young people world-wide and I am open to face-to-face meetings world-wide. Although my services are entirely free, (free?? You might say…yes free because that is how I want it to be and it is the meaning of my being thankful), you will need to come up with some support if I am supposed to accompany you for a longer time or if I need to travel within and from Germany elsewhere. We can work with the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Romanian…for now ;-)

            So what is the aim of all this? YOU being you; a complete person who can say that he or she has found the way…

            Last but not least, I am super happy to receive feedback, pictures, any traces of your achievements out there…that would definitely put the kind of smile on my face as well, as described above.

            PS. I can’t hold myself from mentioning that this project has been there for a very long time, but there never seemed to be the right time for it…so there it is kicking off in full power. 

            Please get back to me on: info(at)world-connected.de Lächelnd

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